Stuart Hyde: ‘I will improve my performance’

The former temporary chief constable of Cumbria Constabulary has accepted he needs to improve his performance after he was allowed to return as deputy chief constable.

Current Temporary Chief Constable, Bernard Lawson, announced on September 2 that Stuart Hyde (pictured) would be retained as deputy chief until December 31, when he will retire.

The decision appeared to go against the wishes of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Richard Rhodes, who had started a Section 38 process under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act to remove Mr Hyde.

However, Mr Rhodes said in a statement that he fully supported T/CC Lawson’s final decision.

As previously reported, an investigation, conducted by South Wales Police, recently found CC Hyde had not committed misconduct over his use of corporate credit cards, failure to record gifts and hospitality and travel outside the force area during working days.

It recommended he should receive management advice – but Mr Rhodes rejected these findings and called upon CC Hyde to resign or retire.

However, T/CC Lawson became responsible for Mr Hyde’s fate after the suspended officer’s chief contract came to an end on Friday, August 30. This meant Mr Hyde reverted back to deputy chief and Mr Rhodes no longer had jurisdiction over his post.

After the decision Mr Hyde, who will now become responsible for IT developments as DCC, said he was “glad” the matter had come to an end.

He added: “This has been a very difficult time for me and my family. I am pleased that this has been brought to an end by Bernard Lawson and that I can return to an important role as deputy chief constable and look forward to working with him and the officers and staff of the Constabulary.

“I am glad that a clear line has been drawn under the last 12 months and that I can continue contributing to policing and making our society safer as I have done for nearly 30years.

“Although I could have retired on August 31 after 30 years’ service I aim to leave the Constabulary by the end of December.”

However, Mr Hyde acknowledged he had learnt lessons during the one-year suspension.

He added: “I have learnt a great deal from this ordeal and the comments about my performance that were reflected in the recommendations.

“I recognise fully the need to improve the way I manage myself and my accountability.”

T/CC Lawson said Mr Hyde would be returning under managed supervision from September 9.

He said: “Mr Hyde has agreed that he has learnt a great deal from the experience and accepts the recommended management advice.”

T/CC Lawson said Cumbria also had to learn its own lessons from the South Wales report into Mr Hyde.

He added: “Whilst much of the media and social media attention has been directed towards Mr Hyde’s situation, it’s important for me to stress that as a Constabulary, we will look very closely at the recommendations relating to us as an organisation.

“I do not believe that the issues identified are widespread across the force as a great deal of work has already taken place to revise policies and tighten up procedures, but clearly we will make improvements where we need to.”

Mr Rhodes said: “I fully support the decision of Bernard Lawson to invite Stuart Hyde back to Cumbria Constabulary as his deputy until Mr Hyde’s retirement in December.

“As police and crime commissioner, my position on the events of the last few months is clearly outlined in detail in the various documents issued on August 27 and that, together with my conclusions, remain unchanged. I have nothing to add.

“However, it is important to appreciate that that view was relevant to the post of chief constable, who is held to account by the police and crime commissioner.”


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