Please see details of a rally in Manchester below:

Please see details of a rally in Manchester below:

On Sunday 29 September the Conservative Party conference meets in Manchester. The TUC is holding a national protest against cuts to services and jobs and in defence of the NHS.

The Northern Save Justice Campaign is holding a rally : 11.30 am, Crown Court, Crown Square, Manchester and then marching to join the the TUC protest.
See attached flyer.

Please join us! If you need transport independently the People’s Assembly has details of plans to coordinate here:

Make your voice heard against:
The cuts to legal aid from April, denying people access to justice on housing, debt, benefits, employment and immigration rights, closing and cutting legal advice services.

Further plans to slash legal aid to
cut back the funding and quality of criminal legal defence
put small local legal aid firms out of business
stop challenges to unlawful actions by the state
restrict access to justice for migrants and prisoners seeking rehabilitation
Legal aid cuts deny access to justice, unless you can pay.

Speakers before the legal aid march include:
John Nicholson, Kenworthy’s Chambers
Jennifer Hilliard, Parents for Real Justice
Denise McDowell, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit
Jared Ficklin, Garden Court North
Access to Advice… and more to be confirmed.

Say no to privatisation
On the TUC march join with probation staff, marching against Government plans to sell off most of the Probation Service, and court staff, also under threat of sell off with incompetent privateers such as G4S looking to pick up contracts.

Join the protest
Defend access to justice for all! No to legal aid cuts! No to privatisation!

Contact us if you can help on the day, for example, as a steward.

Spread the word
Use the attached flyer
Send on this email
Join the facebook event at

To find out more about the next round of legal aid cuts, go to

Contact us: @NorthernJust


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