Met Commissioner heralds two years of Total Policing successes

Met Commissioner heralds two years of Total Policing successes
Speaking on his second anniversary in the role, Metropolitan Police Service Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has stated that he expects to see the biggest percentage drop in recorded crime in the Met for 30 years during the coming year.

Speaking at the Criminal Justice Management Conference 2013, Sir Bernard outlined the dramatic improvements in crime reduction in the past two years under the Total Policing programme he launched back in September 2011.

During that time, recorded crime has fallen by 10.8%, which is more than four times faster than during the previous two years. This has meant there are 64,000 fewer victims of crime per year than when Sir Bernard took office.

Gang crime has also seen dramatic reductions. There have been nearly 40% fewer guns fired than two years ago and knife injuries for people under 25 are down by nearly a third. Serious youth violence has also dropped by more than a quarter.

Metropolitan Police Service Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe
Robbery, which had risen by 18% in the previous two years, has fallen by 16% and burglary (which had been rising slightly) is down 7.2% since August 2011.

The numbers of Stop and Search actions have dropped by one third since Sir Bernard introduced the ‘Stop-It’ programme and, at the same time, those stops which are being carried out are more effective (with positive outcomes increasing from 12% in 2010-2011 to 17.4% in the past year to April).

The smart use of technology

The Met Commissioner: “My vision for 21st Century policing is based on the smart use of technology. Total Policing is Smart Policing, fighting crime more efficiently and effectively.”

Sir Bernard highlighted the increased use of ANPR cameras to spot and stop criminals using our roads and new crime mapping techniques to predict where burglars might strike next.

“We’re about to begin piloting IT which will enable our officers to have all the information they need at their fingertips, and be able to carry on working without returning to base – wherever they are.”

Alongside cuts in crime, public confidence and victim satisfaction is rising, up 2% over two years. The Met is answering 999 calls more quickly (within five seconds on average) and getting to urgent incidents with 15 minutes more than 90% of the time (which is well within target).

Better policing within tighter budgets

The Commissioner also highlighted how the Met has delivered this at the same time as restructuring itself to deliver better policing within tighter budgets.

The Met is on track to deliver £600 million in savings and is already saving £25 million per annum in property costs alone.

The Commissioner concluded by stating: “I want Londoners to love, respect and be proud of their Met – we’re here for them. I want people to see us treating all Londoners with equal respect. I want all our communities to have equally high levels of confidence and satisfaction. I want us to use technology to be more responsive to the public while always being one step ahead of the criminals. I want to see the biggest drop in crime for 30 years this year. I want us to be the best by any measure.”

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