Naming the Dead project

Latest investigations by the Bureau

Naming the Dead project
Last month the Bureau launched an ambitious, new investigation into drones. Until now the Bureau has collected data on the number of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan and the numbers of people killed in each strike. Now we want to build on this data by identifying as many as possible of those killed by these attacks.

We have launched a dedicated website – – which lists the known names of those reported killed by drones in Pakistan together with as much biographical information as can be gathered. At launch the site listed just over 550 names, collated from media reports, court documents and academic and NGO publications. This represents little more than one in five of the 2,500 people that are reported to have been killed by drones in Pakistan. Of the named individuals 295 are civilians, including 95 children, while 255 are alleged militants. There are only two women identified.

In the coming months the Bureau will add to this list of reported names and build on the biographical details of those identified as killed, in the hope that this knowledge will aid the public debate about both what is happening in Pakistan, and also about how this new weapon of war is being used.

Full details of the project can be viewed at : Naming the Dead.

Thousands of affordable homes axed
Earlier in the month the Bureau published more data about the Housing Crisis. The work, published in the Guardian, looked at the supply of affordable housing to assess how well the system is working. It found that just 40% of major housing schemes in Britain’s biggest cities met local affordable housing targets.

It also showed that more than 2,300 homes have been scrapped from housing developments across the UK, even after legally binding agreements had been signed-off.

The full investigation and all the data can be viewed at: Thousands of affordable homes axed

The Bureau on the web

Last month the Bureau launched a new website. In case you haven’t yet had chance to have a look please do so at We hope the site better highlights our work and is easier to use. But please let us know what you think at

Other news
The Bureau’s work has been widely drawn upon throughout September. Media outlets as wide-ranging as the Guardian and Open Democracy in the UK, Salon and Huffington Post in the US and Dawn and The News International in Pakistan among others have all cited our investigations.

The Bureau’s work on the Housing Crisis in the UK continues. We hope to publish lots more data in this area in the coming months. And there will be lots more from our team tracking drone strikes. Keep up to date with these investigations and others by visiting or follow us on Twitter at @TBIJ.


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