Protest: for everyone the Daily Mail hates

Join the protest at the Daily Mail HQ this Sunday
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Protest: for everyone the Daily Mail hates

12pm, Sunday 6 October
Daily Mail offices, Young Street
London W8 5EH (High St Kensington tube)
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12pm, Sunday 6 October
St Ann’s Square, Manchester
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On Sunday, all the people hated by the Daily Mail – that’s pretty much all of us – are going to turn up at their headquarters, loud and proud about who we are. If you’re a woman, a Muslim, LGBT, a nurse, a socialist, a trade union rep, a disabled person or just someone who doesn’t like hatred being pumped into public life every day, turn up.

This is an upbeat, carnival-type protest, a statement of defiance against bigotry and hatred. So turn up in a good mood, with colourful banners, full of pride about who we all are.

Journalist and campaigner Owen Jones said: “A newspaper that once had the cheek to back Adolf Hitler and the Blackshirts has smeared Ralph Miliband, a Jewish refugee who fought the Nazis for this country, as a ‘man who hated Britain’.

“But the reality is it is the Daily Mail who hates Britain. They hate our proud institutions, like the NHS and the BBC. Their campaign of hatred has targeted women, public sector workers, trade unionists, immigrants, Muslims, benefit claimants, travellers, and other vast swathes of our society.

“We’re calling on all those hated by the Daily Mail to join us on Sunday, and to be loud and proud about what they are in a show of defiance against bigotry and hatred.”

Sam Fairbairn, Secretary of the People’s Assembly said: “Miliband announces he’ll scrap the Bedroom Tax and freeze energy prices, the next day the Daily Mail launches a vicious personal attack on his father. Millions are suffering under austerity Britain and this paper has made it clear who’s side they are really on – the corporations and the austerity addicted politicians. It’s the Daily Mail who really hates Britain.”

Historic demonstration in Manchester on Sunday

A massive demonstration took place last Sunday in Manchester outside the Conservative Party Conference. The police estimate for the size of the demonstration was 50,000. If police estimates of the past are anything to go by it probably means the demo was much bigger than that. It was one of the biggest demonstrations in Manchester’s history and has sent a clear and loud message – there is an alternative to austerity.

Cameron announced at the conference that austerity will continue for many years to come and launched a fresh round of attacks on the poorest, those on benefits. But this government is getting more and more unpopular. Big demonstrations like the one on Sunday have a big effect on public opinion, especially when anti-austerity views are virtually unheard in the mainstream.

Bonfire of Austerity – 5 November
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We want to make this Firework Night one which David Cameron will remember and remember for a long time!

The Peoples’ Assembly is calling for a day of protest in every town and city in the country. The actions will be many and various, ranging from occupations of public space to occupations of banks, from online petitioning to blocking roads, from leafleting with the rail unions against the privatized rail companies to student occupations.

We are hoping for three waves of action: one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening. And at the end of the day the local out-sourcing contracts, the welfare legislation, the loan company adverts will all make a splendid bonfire…and you can choose whether the guy is Cameron, Gove, Clegg or Osborne.

Local People’s Assembly groups are already planning action – information will be avaliable in the next few days.

If you are organising something where you live, or want to get involved please email

Appeal from Tony Benn

Dear friends and comrades,

It was a privilege to be asked to speak at the People’s Assembly on 22 June, which launched a united campaign against the cuts. The People’s Assembly has a plain and simple goal: to make government abandon its austerity programme and if it will not, to replace it with one that will. I know that you support this goal, but to achieve it we need your help.

Since 22 June, we have built a national organisation. Local assemblies are being organised the length and breadth of the country. We organised thousands to attend the protest march and rally at the Tory party conference in Manchester on 29 September. Preparations are underway for a day of civil disobedience on 5 November.

All this has been achieved by volunteers and some generous donations. But to build our campaign we need more resources and regular funding. Building a national and local organisation, developing our website and e-communications, writing and printing leaflets all cost money.

Regular monthly donations will make a real difference to the People’s Assembly. We are asking supporters to give whatever they can each month, however big or small.

Yours in solidarity,
Tony Benn


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Investigative Journalist/Researcher for major media. Exposing the truth and police corruption with in UK police service.Certain forces say their motto is Honesty & Integrity One must ask is it lip service or genuinely meant. CO-OP Labour Party member questioning is the party standing for working class of Britain. Trade Union Activist & promoting diversity,community cohesion within multicultural Britain. Anti fascist speaks out against all foams of discrimination.
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