Write to your MP to insist that the Leveson Charter is approved on 9 October

Dear friend of Hacked Off,

We need your help again – and this time we’re not asking for money. We want your support in sending a strong message to Westminster that there must be no more delay in implementing the Leveson recommendations.

If this feels familiar, it is. We have been demanding the same thing since May. Over that time the politicians have come up with excuses for delay and we have – very reluctantly – accepted them. We want to show them now that the time for excuses is over.

There is an opportunity next Wednesday, 9 October, for the final approval of the Leveson-based Royal Charter on press self-regulation. Even now we cannot get the politicians to promise they will take that opportunity, so we are asking you:

Please, as a matter of urgency, write to your MP – it just takes a few clicks here – urging him or her to use all possible influence to ensure Parliament’s Charter receives its final approval on Wednesday.

Letters like this make a difference. MPs need to be reminded that we care. And we know that the big newspaper companies desperately want you and your MP to lose interest so they can carry on with their bad old ways.

Only this week the Daily Mail has reminded us of the high-handed, brutish, bullying newspaper attitudes that caused scandal after scandal in the past decade. Papers need to be accountable and this is the best opportunity for change in decades.

The politicians, too, must understand that if they don’t act now, they will be betraying those victims of press abuses brave enough to relive their experiences at the Leveson Inquiry. And they will be defying the wishes of the public as made clear in countless opinion polls (though few newspapers report those polls).

So please click here and send the letter to your MP. You will also find more information about the Royal Charter. And if you feel like donating (we are up against some very rich organisations) you’ll find a place to donate.

Thank you,

Brian Cathcart
Executive director, Hacked Off

We have less than a week until the Privy Council meets…

Please take two minutes of your time to write to your MP and ensure they act.

Write to your MP here

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