NUJ photographers’ council

The photographers’ council represents photographers and videographers in the NUJ. The council is a new body set up by the union so we are emailing you to update you about the changes.

Following the elections for the council, the council held their first meeting in July, and will hold their second meeting on 24 October, so this is a report of what was discussed at the first meeting and the council wants to encourage members to get in touch about what you think the council should be doing.

The photographers council launch was reported on the NUJ website:

Read the latest news about photographers on the NUJ website:

The photographers council is comprised of the following representatives:

London – Andrew Wiard, chair
South West England – Simon Chapman, vice chair
London – Carole Edrich, joint treasurer
Midlands/East Anglia – Pete Jenkins, joint treasurer
International – Nigel Dickinson
Ireland – Barbara Lindberg
Northern England – John Jones
Scotland – Gerry McCann
South East England – vacant
Wales – vacant
Serving officer – Dominic Bascombe
Photographers’ council report:

After election of officers the meeting began to address a wide range of problems facing us today, roughly in the following order.

Weekly paper photographers in Yorkshire were being asked to take pictures for daily papers within their parent group without additional payment. The chapel at Dewsbury had instructed reporter members not to take further pictures until the situation is addressed. The council agreed to send a message of support, and also to the Newsquest chapel in Glasgow.

We then discussed the the problem of photographers being sent out in hostile environments, possible guidelines, courses, publicising telephone numbers for police and legal advice, to be pursued further at our next meeting.

A lengthy copyright discussion ranged from imminent orphan works and exceptions legislation, the importance of campaigning for our moral rights, to informing members about registration requirements in the US, and providing wider education about intellectual property.

We then took two important decisions which will make it far easier to grapple with these (and many other) problems. First to form a Facebook group for council members to discuss things amongst ourselves (done), and second to then to form a Facebook group for all photographers/videographers in the union, closed to ensure we can talk freely.

The new group is “union photographers and videographers”. This is now up and running for Facebook members. To join the new Facebook group, please send a scan of your NUJ press card and/or membership number to your nearest photographers’ council rep and in the case of membership numbers, please allow a little time for these to be verified with head office.

Contact email addresses for all NUJ branch and council representatives, including members of the photographers’ council, are available in the NUJ contacts section of the website:

We further discussed the possibility of setting up a website, but agreed to hold that over to the next meeting.

Multimedia. One of the most important items on the agenda for the future. We discussed the possibility of the PC investigating/organising multimedia and convergence courses, and also updating the videography section of the freelance fees guide.

Finally we looked at various different ways of recruiting new members, but held the discussion over to the next meeting due to lack of time.

So much for our first meeting – now for the future. There are about 2,300 of us in this union, and we have never before had the opportunity to combine all our experience, talents and energy to deal with the problems we face. That is what this council is for, but we are nothing without your help and above all your suggestions and advice about what to do next. Please contact your council rep before our next meeting, on the 24 October, when we hope to really get down to business.

If you would like to go further and serve on the council, the next round of union elections will shortly be held, so please seek nomination from your branch at the next branch meeting.

More information about all the elections, including this council, is available on the union website:

NUJ photographers’ council


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