Robinson resignation – vindication for anti-fascist movement

Robinson resignation – vindication for anti-fascist movement

Following the resignation of Tommy Robinson and other leading members
of the EDL, officers of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Britain’s
leading fascist organisation said the following:

Weyman Bennett, UAF Joint Secretary said:

“The resignation of Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll and other leading
members of the English Defence League (EDL), is a vindication for
Unite Against Fascism (UAF), and those that joined us opposing EDL
demonstrations over the last four years. UAF mounted a tireless and
relentless campaign against the EDL.”

Sabby Dhalu, UAF Joint Secretary said:

“EDL street mobilisations began to lose momentum following the
massive demonstration in Tower Hamlets in September 2011 attended by
over 5,000 people, uniting a broad range of communities in opposition
to the EDL, that prevented the EDL from even entering the borough.
This had a decisive impact on the EDL. Prior to this the EDL were
mobilising 2-3,000 on the streets. After the defeat in Tower Hamlets
they could barely mobilise 500 people.

“The EDL attempted to revive itself by stirring up racism,
Islamophobia and division following the murder of Lee Rigby, but this
did not gain the sympathy with public opinion they were hoping for.
UAF mounted a national campaign under the slogan “Don’t let the
racists divide us”. This culminated in another demonstration inTower
Hamlets last month, where over 6,000 people mobilised against only 500
of the EDL who could not enter the borough.”

Steve Hart, UAF Chair said:

“Robinson et al have left a sinking ship. However leopards do not
change their spots. This is only a tactical retreat and just like
other European far right leaders Robinson and Carroll will use other
methods – possibly the electral means – to spread their Islamophobic
message. As Robinson said himself in a tweet on 2 October ‘The
biggest decision I have to make is how to evolve , how to use this
voice we have created so it is taken more seriously.’ This about
evolution of his brand , not abandoning hate, racism and islamophobia.
“The leadership of the EDL may have quit the the organisation, but
the EDL still intends to take to the streets of Bradford this Saturday
12 October 2013, and UA F will be supporting the We Are Bradford
mobilisation. In Liverpool, the EDL and their allies in the North West
will try to disrupt a big trade union March Against Fascism called by
Unite the Union and other unions, supported by UAF. The campaign
against the EDL goes on and UAF will continue to oppose all fascist
groups on the streets and at the ballot box.”

For information or interview please contact Weyman Bennett, UAF Joint
Secretary on 07734 032314 Sabby Dhalu 07794 633 097.

Golden Dawn hits the rocks

It has been a disastrous week for the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn
and a joyous one for anti fascists.

Anti-terrorism police arrested leading members of Golden Dawn party
last Saturday, including party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and
several MPs. Several are being held on charges of forming a criminal
organisation, intent to comit violence and murder.

Key to the prosecution is the argument that the party’s leaders
controlled a military-style cell structure, that they trained attack
groups, and that it was the political leadership – the MPs themselves
– who controlled the apparatus of violence.

Anger at Golden Dawn’s attacks exploded after the murder of
anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas earlier this month. Since then
high-ranking police officers have resigned, others have been suspended
and arrested over links or suspected links to the fascist Golden Dawn.

For a long time, Golden Dawn supporters have been involved in attacks
on migrant workers and left wing activists. Shockingly the authorities
have turned a blind eye on these outrages. The reason for this is the
fact that sections of the Greek state have worked and support Golden
Dawn. In the last Greek election, polling booths specifically
allocated for police personnel to vote on duty, recorded up to 40 per
cent support for Golden Dawn.

However the murder of Pavlos saw a wave of protests that forced the
authorities to act.

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers walked out in an
historic strike against the Nazi organisation on Wednesday of last
week, with massive demonstrations in cities all over Greece that

Some 50,000 people rallied in Athens, including many workers who have
been striking against the government’s cuts. The overwhelming majority
went on to march on the Golden Dawn headquarters.

UAF’s sister organisation in Greece, Keerfa, is at the forefront of
the protests to bring down Golden Dawn. Keerfa has also drafted a list
of demands it wants to see implemented in order to see Golden Dawn
confined to the ‘dustbin of history’. Over 500 delegates attended
including an international groups from France Denmark, Catalonia and
Spain as well as other several countries. A full report will appear
website in the next couple of days. There was a demonstration for
Pavlos Fyssas by Keerfa at the site of his murder organised by trade
unions, Pakistan community and the local community.

2. Saturday 12 October – two key anti fascist mobilisations

There are two important anti fascist demonstrations on Saturday 12


UAF is supporting the March Against Fascism in Liverpool, called by
Unite the Union. Two years ago the EDL violently attacked the Unite
the Union regional offices in Liverpool, and last year attacked PCS
members whilst on strike in the region.

The Euro elections will take place next year and Nick Griffin leader
of the British National Party (BNP) is seeking re-election as an MEP
in the North West region. We ask all members and supporters in the
North West to mobilise for and attend this demonstration.

Don’t let the haters win – join the march against fascism

Saturday 12 October


ASSEMBLE POINT: William Brown Street, Liverpool 3 at noon.

• More details including coaches and leaflets:


On Saturday 12 October the EDL have called a national demonstration in
Bradford. Bradford UAF and We are Bradford have called a peaceful
counter protest in opposition to the Nazis and the in defence of

Local MPs George Galloway and Gerry Sutcliffe have both backed our
days event – you can read George’s statement on the UAF website.

Bradford UAF are asking all anti racists across Yorkshire to join
their protest. Leaflets can be obtained from Bradford UAF or from the
national UAF office.

The details of the Bradford UAF/We are Bradford counter demonstration

Urban Gardens in Bradford City Centre,

11am to 4pm,

Saturday 12 October.

3. Dates for your diary

d) Exeter – 16 November – national EDL demonstration.

e) Hartlepool – 30 November – a protest called by North East Infidels.

f) Bristol – 7 December 7th – EDL regional demo.

• Please check the UAF website for details of UAF counter protests.

Appeal for money

UAF is Britain’s most prominent and active anti fascist organisations.
We urgently need money to continue our campaigning work.

Can you help? All donations however big or small are always gratefully
received. You can donate here:


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Investigative Journalist/Researcher for major media. Exposing the truth and police corruption with in UK police service.Certain forces say their motto is Honesty & Integrity One must ask is it lip service or genuinely meant. CO-OP Labour Party member questioning is the party standing for working class of Britain. Trade Union Activist & promoting diversity,community cohesion within multicultural Britain. Anti fascist speaks out against all foams of discrimination.
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