Early Day Motion 526: British Soldiers And Sectarianism

Early Day Motion 526: British Soldiers And Sectarianism
That this House condemns the reprehensible and ill-disciplined behaviour of members of the armed forces, including some Royal Marine soldiers at Ibrox Park, the home of Glasgow Rangers, on 28 September 2013 on what was dubbed an armed forces’ day; notes the sickening scenes as they chanted songs attacking Catholics, embraced braying fans and held up sectarian banners; questions the role of the senior officers who apparently sanctioned the event and appeared to take no action to halt the behaviour; and demands that those marines who joined in this hatefest are severely disciplined.
Sponsors: Galloway, George / Durkan, Mark / Ritchie, Margaret
House of Commons: 08.10.2013


Early Day Motion 529: Protection Of Workers Serving The Public
That this House is appalled at levels of violence suffered by workers who deal with the public, as evidenced in the 2013 survey from the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers, which showed that four per cent of shopworkers had been physically attacked in the previous 12 months and 35 per cent had been threatened with violence, and at the traumatising effects of these incidents for staff who have to face the continual possibility of attack or abuse throughout their working day as they are on the frontline of dealing with the public; is concerned at the paltry level of sentences meted out to offenders, often with a suspended sentence or with no custodial element; and calls on the Government to introduce a specific offence of assaulting a worker who is serving the public in order to ensure that victims of such violence are given the justice they deserve and to provide a deterrent.
Sponsors: Coffey, Ann/ Corbyn, Jeremy / Russell, Bob
House of Commons: 08.10.2013


EDM 541: Firefighters’ Pensions And Government Negotiations
That this House is concerned by the Government’s failure to ensure a fair resolution to the firefighters’ pensions dispute; recognises the invaluable contribution firefighters make to public safety; is further concerned by the prospect of firefighters being forced to perform physical duties until 60 years of age, believing that this could jeopardise public safety; is further concerned at the prospect of firefighters in their fifties being dismissed for being unable to fully perform their duties until the age of 60 and thus losing out on their pension entitlements; urges the Government to return to negotiations; notes the role the Government has in setting the financial limits for devolved fire pensions; applauds the actions of the Scottish Government in continuing negotiations; further urges Ministers of the Welsh Assembly Government to follow suit and to re-enter negotiations to work towards a new offer and to make representations to the Government on financial limits; believes that Defence fire and rescue service workers should also be exempt from a rise in the pensionable age; and further believes a lifetime of work should be rewarded by a fair pension.
Sponsors: Williams, Hywel/ Corbyn, Jeremy / Durkan, Mark
House of Commons: 08.10.2013


Early Day Motion 542: Sale Of Student Loans
That this House believes that the Government’s plans to sell off the student loan book to the private sector would be a grave error; notes that in order to make the student loan book profitable for private companies it would need to be accompanied by either subsidies from the taxpayer or an increase in the financial burden placed on graduates; and opposes any proposal to privatise the student loan book.
Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy/ Lucas, Caroline / McDonnell, John / Meacher, Michael / Durkan, Mark
House of Commons: 08.10.2013



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Investigative Journalist/Researcher for major media. Exposing the truth and police corruption with in UK police service.Certain forces say their motto is Honesty & Integrity One must ask is it lip service or genuinely meant. CO-OP Labour Party member questioning is the party standing for working class of Britain. Trade Union Activist & promoting diversity,community cohesion within multicultural Britain. Anti fascist speaks out against all foams of discrimination.
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