Create Jobs, Not Crisis Use our new Congressional Hotline to weigh in with your Representatives on Monday and Tuesday

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Create Jobs, Not Crisis
Use our new Congressional Hotline to weigh in with your Representatives on Monday and Tuesday

It is time to end the government shutdown. Creating crises to try to extort extreme demands is not how democracy works. First it was delaying or defunding the Affordable Care Act. Then the conversation shifted to cutting Social Security and increasing Medicare premiums. Now we’re hearing additional talk of tax breaks for the wealthiest and corporations. Real people – you and me – ultimately are the ones who get hurt when democracy is set aside and politically-motivated hostage taking begins.

All that has to be done to end the current stalemate is for the Speaker of the House to allow a vote on a bill to keep the government running called a “clean continuing resolution.” This has already passed the Senate.

As of October 17, this situation gets more complicated. We need to pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling in order to pay the bills that Congress has already incurred. Failure to pass this debt limit legislation would cause a default of the U.S. government, which could throw our economy back into a deep tailspin while we’re still digging out from the recession. Our economy, our jobs and our retirements just can’t afford these games.

It’s time that we weigh in. Let’s turn up the heat, pass the clean continuing resolution, increase the debt limit and move on to the real business that Americans care about, like creating good jobs.

Make a Call on Monday or Tuesday with Our New Congressional Hotline Number!

We’ve got a new Rapid Response Congressional Hotline. All you have to do is enter your zip code to connect with your Representative. Just follow the prompts. If you run across a problem or error, let us know and we’ll send you a Steelworker button for your effort. Thanks in advance for your help as we continue our testing!

Dial toll-free: 877.879.8951 or 1-877-USW-8951

Tell your Representative:

Your name and where you’re from.
Pass a clean continuing resolution and make sure the faith in the U.S. government is upheld by passing a debt limit increase.

NOTE: Because of the shutdown, some Congressional staff are not working. You may be put into a voicemail, even during working hours. If you aren’t able to get through, please try calling the Representative’s District office. Numbers can be found by going to your Representative’s website available through


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