Do ATOS workers deserve a pay rise ?

ATOS workers, responsible for the atrocious Work Capability Assessments that have caused so many misery, deteriorating health, speeded death and suicides want MORE cash. They have voted for industrial action.

My blog explaining why it is sheer hypocrisy –

Dennis Skinner recently referred to “ATOS the Monster” in Parliament and called for it to be abolished.

A Trade Unionist wrote this about “workers” in ATOS as follows :-

“Yes, the Tories are primarily responsible *but* that does not excuse people compliantly ‘carrying out orders.’
Being a trade unionist or ‘worker’ doesn’t give one a pass. In fact, if anything, that makes the behaviour of ATOS workers *more* reprehensible; not less.
The irony is that there are people on this thread quite happy to attack – correctly, I hasten to add – the cowardice, apathy and inertia of other trade unions yet they, incomprehensibly, leap to the defence of PCS members who are *actively* prosecuting the Tory campaign against our most vulnerable and desperate people.
I’ve just finished writing a book about the miners’ strike in Nottinghamshire and your reasoning means we should accept the scabbery of many Notts miners and the formation of the UDM. After all, they were only following their own union’s rule book, in the final analysis. It’s nonsense, of course.
Another scenario; would anyone accept a MP *not* opposing ATOS in its current form simply because the Tories are responsible for its current role? Of course not. That would be hypocrisy of the highest order.
Labour *and* Tories are responsible and most people realise this but when it comes to the workers carrying out the attacks at the point of ‘production, we’re supposed to accept it because they’re ‘workers’ and trade unionists?
Bollocks to that. We didn’t accept Eric Hammond’s mob scabbing at Wapping, we didn’t accept the UDM scabbing in Nottinghamshire and we shouldn’t accept the PCS scabbing now because, make no mistake, this is exactly what they’re doing.”

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