HMP Hewell Murder – Trial Opens

The trial of Barry Mundle, Jermaine Christie and Jahnel Foure, for the murder of Adnan Rafiq, in HMP Hewell, opened in Birmingham Crown Court today Monday 21st October 2013.

Adnan Rafiq, 25, from Moseley in Birmingham, suffered serious injuries at HMP Hewell in Redditch on Monday afternoon 28th January; he was rushed to hospital but died three days later on Thursday 31st January 2013.

Before the jury were empaneled the Crown Prosecutor (CP) Stephen Linehan QC, informed the judge that it would require a heavy security presence in the witness box as there had been fighting between the Mr. Mundle and Mr. Christie (the CP did not elaborate as to when, were the fighting took pace). They were each escorted into the witness box by three guards; Mr. Foure had only one attendant. All in all there were three defendants in the witness box and nine guards.
Originally four people were charged with murder but Paul Coulter, was not in court as his present mental state, makes him not fit to stand trial at the present moment, he is still in the prison system, awaiting transfer to a Psychiatric hospital.

Mr. Linehan in opening, said on the morning of the 21st January 2013, Mundle & Christie left their cell after unlock and went onto the wing. When they returned to their cell they found personal items missing and blamed Mr. Rafiq and set out to give Rafiq a hiding. “The violence was ferocious. He (Mr Rafiq) suffered extremely serious injuries to his skull, to the bones of his face and to his brain.” According to Linehan only two people attacked Mr. Rafiq, Mr. Mundle and Mr. Christie, Jahnel Four’s involvement was to allegedly prevent Mr. Rafiq escaping.

Interviewed by the police shortly after the incident, Christie said he was involved in a melee but did not attack Rafiq, he claimed Mundle was the attacker in an event of which he had no control.
Well that was day one, day two has been postponed till Wednesday as the Judge has something better to do tomorrow. The court won’t sit on Friday as the Crown Prosecutor wants to be somewhere else and doesn’t trust his Junior to conduct the case in is absence. No sitting next Tuesday as judge wants to spend the day in London. All this stopping and starting is bad for the defendants and will probably piss the jury off.

The trial is scheduled to last five weeks.


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