RMT slams train operators for exploiting severe weather

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said.”Due to the stupid way that privatisation works it suits the train operators down to the ground not to run services and to lay the blame at the door of Network Rail. That way their armies of lawyers can claim compensation back from the publicly owned NWR and leave the taxpayer to pick up the tab. That’s the way that the privatisation racket works and the current chaos rams that down passengers throats.

Money that could have been spent tackling the half billion pound backlog on rail drainage works is instead being ripped off by greedy train companies. While thousands of essential and safety critical rail track jobs have been cut the boardrooms of the TOC’s are awash with spare cash that is being bled out of exactly the sort of capacity and maintenance works that could have mitigated against the impact of today’s weather.

With the latest news that some operators like FCC are unlikely to run services all day , and with major hubs like Euston effectively closed down , passengers are right to be asking what they are paying the train companies up to £5000 a year for when they are treated like this.

RMT is in no doubt that the train operators are happy to exploit this chaos as the system allows them to get paid for doing nothing. The whole situation stinks and reinforces the case for public ownership

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