Tommy Robinson and homosexuality

The Muslim Debate Initiative

Tommy Robinson seems to have come up with his own acid test when trying to determine a ‘moderate’ Muslim from an ‘extremist’ Muslim, which presupposes the idea that Tommy is the judge of determining who is a moderate, or an extremist. But nonetheless, Tommy’s litmus test is to ask the Muslim whether they support homosexuality, and in particular, same sex marriages.

If the Muslim answers yes, that they do support same sex marriages, then they’re a moderate, but if they’re against homosexuality and same sex marriages, well then they’re an evil Muslim ‘extremist’.

Now the point of this article isn’t to discuss the Islamic or Muslim position (there are varying opinions from Muslims on the issue) on homosexuality, because what Tommy Robinson has done, is created this alternate reality that it isonly Muslims that seem to have an issue with homosexual marriage.

We obviously know that this is a…

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