NSSN 168 – United campaign to stop ALL BAe shipyard closures and save ALL jobs!

NSSN 168 – United campaign to stop ALL BAe shipyard closures and save ALL

(A full version of this week’s National Shop Stewards Network’s (NSSN) e-
bulletin can be found via
http://shopstewards.net/2013/11/nssn-168-united-campaign-to-stop-all-bae-shipyard-closures-save-all-jobs/ .
It includes news on union disputes, blacklisting, international struggles and
a diary of upcoming events)

This week we produce a letter from Portsmouth Trades Council advertising a
demonstration this Saturday November 16th against the closure of the naval
shipyards in the city with the loss of nearly 1000 jobs. At very short notice,
over 200 attended a protest last Saturday.
The NSSN gives full support to these workers and the similar number who will
also be thrown on the scrap heap in Scotland. We fully endorse the sentiment
in the letter, which calls for a united campaign to stop ALL shipyard closures
and save ALL jobs! We also support the call that many are raising that the
shipyards should be nationalised to save these national assets. Please spread
the word about Saturday’s protest.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are writing to send a message of support from dockyard workers here in
Portsmouth and our supporters in the local trade unions to the horrendous
announcement made by BAE last week.

Below is a statement agreed at the Portsmouth Trades Council meeting last
Thursday 7 November.
“The loss of 940 skilled shipbuilding jobs in Portsmouth will be a disaster.
It is not just the workers and their families who will suffer.
The knock-on effects for the local economy will be huge and will trigger even
more job losses.
We should not follow the lead of local politicians who argue to cut jobs in
Scotland to save jobs in Portsmouth.
We should fight to save all shipbuilding jobs, wherever they are. BAE and the
government can be put under pressure to keep all the shipyard jobs, if there
is a concerted campaign.”

On Saturday 16 November we are holding a demonstration in Portsmouth which we
would like to invite you to take part. The march will assemble at 12 noon at
the Trafalgar Gate in Portsmouth.

Please contact me as soon as possible to confirm that a representative from
your union will be able to attend.


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